Towson Collision Center

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The Process

Steps of the Process:


(1) One Call. All the Answers.

Priority 1 Automotive Group Collision Center Customer Care Department Handles All Important Details for You in an Emergency: Vehicle Drop Off, 24/7 Flatbed Tow Truck Service, Coordination of Rental Vehicle and Claims Assistance


(4) Structural Repair & Body Repair

Technicians Undertake Structural and Body Repair, Panel Replacement, Cosmetic Repair, and Corrosion Protection Assuring the Manufacturer's Original Specifications for Proper Fit, Look, and Alignment.


(2) Estimate, Authorization, Repair

Please click to Schedule an Appointment for a Courtesy Estimate of the Repair. Assistance Available for Insurance Repair Claim. Schedule the Repair. Repair Performed by Highly Qualified Technology Professionals.


(5) Multi-Step Paint Refinishing

Chemically Clean the Auto Body, Prep, Prime, Block, Seal, Tap, Bag, Mask and Match Manufacturer's Car OEM Paint Color with Advanced Waterborne "Glasurit Basecoat System's Ultra-Luxury Superior Technology Paints.


(3) Disassembly and Re-Inspection

Vehicle Disassembled. Secondary Inspection Performed to Determine Hidden Damage. Supplemental Report and Digital Images are Sent to the Insurance Company for Approval. Additional Parts Ordered.


(6) Mechanical & Final Inspection

Mechanical Repair, Reassembly, Wheel Alignment, Air Conditioning,  Test Drive, Final Quality Inspection and a Full Auto Detail. The Repair Process is Completed. Customer Notification to Confirm Pick-up / Delivery Date.