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Glass Repair

BMW Glass and Windscreen Repair.
Remedy glass damage quickly and cost-effectively.
Damage to the glass of the windscreen is by no means uncommon. It is not only annoying but, in certain circumstances, may be hazardous too. A small site of chip damage can quickly develop into a crack that makes it necessary to replace the entire windscreen. In many cases, the free-of-charge BMW Windscreen Repair saves you this expensive replacement. 
Specially trained BMW Service experts closely examine each site of glass damage and, if possible, eliminate it quickly and reliably in customary BMW quality with BMW Glass Repair.
If a repair is not possible, a new high-quality Original BMW Windscreen will be fitted. State-of-the-art technology and specially developed materials guarantee you an optimum result and maximum safety. This means that you not only retain a clear view but also save time and money.

* If you have comprehensive insurance, the repair will be carried out by your BMW Service Centre free of charge and generally this will not be set off against your policy excess.